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Quran Research Foundation


The Quran Research Foundation (QRF) is a research, reform and education oriented institution dedicated for human welfare. It registered under the Society Act XX1-1860 of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It was established in February 1991. It promotes Islamic Dawah - the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam - amongst less aware Muslims and non-Muslims. It is a fully non-political, no-government and non-profitable organization.

The Muslim Nations we the best of all nations in the world even 7-8 centuries ago. Today Muslim nation is the most backward of all nations in almost all spheres of life. The most effective way of destroying a nation is not application of force, but intrusion of misconceptions in its root knowledge. This is an eternal truth and easily understandable fact. So, there is no exception in this respect in the case of Muslim nation. It is the result of a great conspiracy and for this the Muslim nation in particular and the whole human civilization in general have been adversely affected. Because all rules and regulations of Islamic code of life are for welfare of the human civilization.

The first revealed five verses of the Holy Qur’an contained instruction and information related to acquiring knowledge only. Besides Almighty Allah has revealed no the verse after these five verses for at least six months. This bears the testimony of the fact that acquisition of proper knowledge is the first and fore-most duty of an individual as well as of a nation to become successful. In other words keeping misconceptions in the root knowledge, no individual or any nation can succeed. So, the Muslims should first remove misconception in their root knowledge for regaining their past glory in the world. Keeping these in backdrop Qur’an Research Foundation (QRF) was established for playing appropriate role in this regard. To identity the basic misconception prevailing in the Muslim society.


The Quran Research Foundation (QRF) is a registered non-profit public charitable trust

The purpose of human creation is to human welfare by establishing all the justice and removing all injustice mentioned in the Holy Qur’an keeping satisfaction of Almighty Allah in front.

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